GraceFull RAW keeps natural nutrients, enzymes and flavour of the raw ingredient itself intact. Freeze-drying technology allows Grace Cat’s well-chosen ingredient to remain in its raw state by simply removing the water content and thus prevents bacteria growth. What’s more, GraceFull RAW is equivalent to 5 times the meat of its size. It is shelf-stable raw food and ready-to-serve without hassle or mess!

For more information, please read: What is Freeze-Dried Cat Food.

Yes! GraceFull RAW is purely raw, derived from animals. It contains no additives such as preservatives, fillers, colourings and seasonings.

Yes, GraceFull RAW is a pork-free product.

GraceFull RAW has a variety of functional booster that provides specific benefit for your pets. Kindly visit our product page for more information or contact us with your pet’s requirements for a tailored recommendation.

For the main meal, it is not enough nutrition by just feeding one flavour since each flavour is made from just a single ingredient. You will need to mix and match among the flavours for more complete nutrition.

Please contact us with your pet’s requirements for a tailored recommendation. 

1) Feed as Snack or Topping: While there is no exact rule for how many treats to give a cat or dog, it should never provide more than 10% of a pet’s daily energy/calorie intake. The amount of main food should be reduced accordingly when you feed snack or topping.

2) Feed as Main Meal (to be adjusted according to the pet’s lifestyle):

  • Kitten / Puppy (12 months and below):
    Daily portion should be 1% of pet’s weight in gram (g). 2-3 meals a day is recommended.
  • Adult Cat / Dog (12 months and above):
    Daily portion should be 0.8% of pet’s weight in gram (g). 1-2 meals a day is recommended.

For example 2kg kitten, should feed around 20grams in total per day. Split into 2-3 meals.

It is important to introduce new pet food slowly because a quick transition could result in digestive issues, especially for pets with a sensitive digestive system. When transitioning to a new food, do so slowly over a period of about 7–10 days, mixing an increasing amount of new food with old food each day: We suggest starting with 1-2 pieces of freeze-dried food per day, then slowly increase the amount. 

GraceFull RAW comes in a resealable ziplock bag to keep the food secure and fresh. Always keep the bag sealed and store at room temperature, it is a must to avoid sunlight and moisture due to its natural composition.
No need to refrigerate, unless it is rehydrated.

This is the real beauty of freeze-dried food, whereby the original state of a raw food is preserved through freeze-drying technology. Freeze-drying retains nutritional value better than any other drying methods, further supports consumers’ desire for nutrition from whole foods.

Results? A shelf-stable wholesome raw food with extended shelf-life!

Any leftover rehydrated freeze-dried pet food should be kept refrigerated to avoid bacteria growth and feed within 2 days for optimum freshness.

Since Grace Cat products are natural, you may notice a colour, shape, size, texture or aroma change from batch to batch.
Please rest assured that although the product may look different from batch to batch, its superior nutritional value, palatability and safety do not change.

GraceFull RAW freeze-dried pet food is suitable for both cats and dogs. Some pet parents also feed the food to hamsters and other small pets.

Once the original packaging is opened, the product must be consumed within 3 months. This is because the food is no longer fully protected as it has been exposed to air, moisture and bacteria which can compromise its freshness and safety.